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April 24, 2024

MacKenzie Trupp’s (UNIVIE) research received The Impact Award 2023

written by Corinna Kühnapfel UNIVIE PhD Candidate MacKenzie Trupp has been recently awarded with the Impact Award 2023 funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs for her research funded by ARTIS. MacKenzie Trupp is a doctoral candidate at the Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience (VDS CoBeNe) of the University of Vienna.Through […]
October 02, 2023

Paper on Ethical Conflicts in the Research Project: ARTIS. Research as ‘Dirty’[1]: On Colonial Histories of Research

The ARTIS project description aims to research ‘how art impacts societies depending on their dominant ideologies’. This excerpt by Anisha Gupta Müller (KHB) hopes to turn the question around: how do dominant ideologies affect research in the first place? From the context of weißensee kunsthochschule, Anisha Gupta Müller writes on the ethical problems that foreground scientific research
July 17, 2023

New publication on visitors’ bodily, emotional, and transformative experience with an installation artwork

Installation art, with its immersive and participatory nature, evokes and necessitates bodily engagement and awareness. A new study shows that these aspects are integral to the overall art experience, appreciation, and transformative outcomes.

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