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July 17, 2023

New publication on visitors’ bodily, emotional, and transformative experience with an installation artwork

Installation art, with its immersive and participatory nature, evokes and necessitates bodily engagement and awareness. A new study shows that these aspects are integral to the overall art experience, appreciation, and transformative outcomes.
February 01, 2023

PhD Candidates Theresa Demmer & Stephanie Miller at the CoBeNe Academy 2023

written by Corinna Kühnapfel UNIVE PhD candidates Stephanie Miller and Theresa Demmer will present their research at the 2nd Annual Doctoral Conference Vienna Doctoral School CoBeNe PhD Academy on Friday, February 2nd at the University of Vienna. The two-day student-organised event brings together researchers from Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioral/Cognitive Biology and Cognitive Humanities. Please find the […]
February 07, 2021

Music, Mind and the Brain: Why Does Art Make Us Cry?

Matthew Pelowski participated as an invited speaker at the lecture series ‘’Music, Mind and the Brain’’ at Goldsmiths University on the 4th of February 2021. His lecture was titled ‘’What can art do? Empirical investigations into the depth, scope, and implications of our shared art experiences’’.

For more content information please visit the blog ‘’Why Does Art Make Us Cry? Evaluating Matthew Pelowski’s exploration into transformative art experiences’’ (Leighton, K., Nevo, H., Qing Mu, S., Oprina, E. & England, A., 29th June 2021):