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November 30, 2022

ARTIS Workshop in Vienna

ARTIS members met for the second big ARTIS research workshop, this time in Vienna. 
October 27, 2022

Can art that evokes awe make children behave more prosocially towards others?

Awe is a mystical emotion that people often feel in response to impactful works of art. An interesting and well-documented evolutionary function of awe is that it fosters social bonding and elicits strong feelings of interconnectedness when people experience it. Across two studies, a team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam and University of California Berkeley, led by Eftychia Stamkou, set out to examine the social effects of awe in children, by investigating how this emotion influenced their behavior towards refugees. Findings showed that children who experienced awe when exposed to art were more likely to engage in voluntary behavior that benefited refugees, as compared to children who were led to experience other emotions. In other words, art that induced awe sparked prosociality in children.
September 25, 2022

ARTIS Research Presentations at VSAC 2022

ARTIS members participated as symposium moderators and presenters at the Visual Science of Art Conference (Amsterdam), which took place online from the 24st until the 27st of August 2022.

written by Alina Podschun

Joerg Fingerhut (HUB) and Aenne Brielmann participated in a panel discussion at William Paterson University.

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Joerg Fingerhut (HUB) and collaborating MPI-based researcher Aenne Brielmann participated in a panel discussion hosted by William Paterson University (WPU), conversing with Laura Di Summa, professor of philosophy and co-curator of the exhibition “Fashion is a Verb: Art, Performance, and Identity” at the WPU Galleries.

They presented preliminary findings of a group of ongoing studies concerned with the transformative aspect of fashion on identity and relationship to others, as well as investigating a possible Aesthetic Self Effect for fashion. The studies were conducted in collaboration with WPU, also using exhibits from “Fashion is a Verb”, such as artworks by artists like Cindy Sherman or Mari Katayama, as stimuli. 

The exhibition was on view from Jan 31st, 2022 up until May 6th, 2022. Find out more about it here.